Carpool together, get 2Gather

2Gather makes your day colorful with amazing carpooling experience

Useful platform in your university life

We aim to connect Tunku Abdul Rahman university college students with an amazing carpooling platform.


We promotes connection among people. Never be alone again while traveling, break the barrier and let’s carpool 2gather!


Re-define your traveling and transport lifestyle. Let carpooling properates your university life!

Save the earth

Utilize resources with carpooling. A city with 2gather carpool reduces the traffic congestion and gas emission. Let’s carpool and save the earth 2gather.

Providing alternative transport solution for TARUC students

Travelling around Setapak get easier and favorable.


Lower cost with interesting experience

Carpooling makes your travels at below market price by splitting the cost among the carpooler. 2Gather makes your travelling around Setapak at a much lower cost yet providing amazing experience.


Time saving

No more unnecessary and relentless waiting! 2Gather’s partners are around and available within Setapak area. One tap to match with another carpooler in a minute and share the ride! Your day belongs to you and 2Gather saves your time!


Earn extra income

2Gather provides sounded reward scheme and platform for Driving students to earn a side income! Flexible and adjustable commitment that fit with TARUC timetable. You can earn during your free time and break time. Sign up as 2Gather Partner now!


Ice Breaking

Meet new friends and random people during the ride. Who knows? You might meet your crush during carpool!

Our Happy Teams

Here are the people behind this great app


Zeon Chye

Founder / CEO


Ace Chew

Marketing Director


Lim Teck Wei

IT Director